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Governance and Public Sector Managemen

Building a Community of Integrity Champions in ADB

  • Project Name: Are You an Integrity Champion? or iPLAY iACT: Making Learning Fun
  • Region/Country: Philippines (Headquarters)
  • Sector and Themes: Governance and Public Sector Management
  • Year: 2019
  • Project Leaders: Knowledge and Communications Team, Office of Anticorruption and Integrity
Building a Community of Integrity Champions in ADB
ADB Managing Director General Woochung Um trying out the e-learning course on integrity.

I am grateful for your contribution and thoroughness in designing such an effective way of learning… the knowledge I grasped in such a short time is really wonderful.

—Sunila Ghimire, project analyst, ADB

Development challenge

Given the complexity and scale of anticorruption work, the demand for learning opportunities continues to grow year by year. The Knowledge and Communications Team of the Office of Anticorruption and Integrity focuses on strengthening the anticorruption skills of ADB staff and the public through knowledge products and learning events. As staff continue to work at ADB, there is a need to refresh themselves with the fundamental principles of anticorruption and integrity and apply the principles in real-world scenarios that will require their knowledge and critical thinking skills.


In 2019, the Office of Anticorruption and Integrity created Are You an Integrity Champion?, an e-learning course on anticorruption and integrity for all ADB staff. It provides multiple-choice questions and likely scenarios where the learner applies critical thinking and knowledge of ADB’s Anticorruption Policy, Integrity Principles and Guidelines, Code of Conduct, and relevant administrative orders. The course uses gaming tools to motivate learners and facilitate learning.

Knowledge products and services delivered

Are You an Integrity Champion? is a refresher online course launched in 2019 to provide the learner with a review of concepts and guidelines introduced in the 2017 Anticorruption and Respect at Work (ARW) learning module. Learners enroll in a self-study mode and are expected to complete the course within 6 months of enrollment. The course has four levels, and learners must answer questions correctly to earn points indicated on a specific tile. Bonus points are awarded for giving the correct and speedy response, while penalty point deductions are given for incorrect answers. A puzzle must be completed at the end of each level and earns points. As the game remembers your highest score per level, it allows learners to replay the level that will change the sum of the scores. A ranking of top scorers is displayed on the initial interface of the module, and a digital certificate is awarded for each level completed.

An e-learning course
In 2019, the Office of Anticorruption and Integrity created Are You an Integrity Champion?, an e-learning course on anticorruption and integrity for all ADB staff.

Impact and results

When the ARW course was launched in 2017, 557 learners completed it. When Are You an Integrity Champion? was launched 2 years later, 759 learners played it 4,600 times.

The proportion of learning participants completing the ARW course went from 14% (557 out of a total of 3,971 learners) in 2017, to 20% (1,290 out of 6,619 learners) after ADB switched to online learning mode. This confirms that online learning is gaining ground as more people spend more time on electronic devices and prefer interactivity as a means of upgrading their skills. Under Strategy 2030, the course aims to reach more staff and stakeholders in ADB’s DMCs, and increase awareness of integrity issues.

Lessons for Replication

Online courses allow learners the ease of self-paced learning and training in required areas.

Integrity booth at ADB
Integrity booth at ADB.

The two games have enabled us to see how many people are keen to play and learn. They also use the most basic and effective teaching method of repetition, which improves knowledge and awareness. They also assess the scores to establish that most players have a reasonable level of understanding of integrity and corruption.

—David Binns Director, Investigations Division, Office of Anticorruption and Integrity, ADB
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